Video & Voiceover: 

Camtasia Sample

Screencast Tutorial Video

This is my first iteration of my video and voiceover portfolio project. While I typically use Adobe Premiere Pro or ScreenPal to create instructional or training videos, for this iteration I decided to utilize two different programs to show my versatility in video production; Camtasia and Audiate. 

The video was created with a free trial version of Camtasia, so there is a watermark throughout the video, however this sample video will give you an idea of how I incorporate screen recordings, voiceover, introduction and closing template, moving graphics, transitions and more within the Camtasia platform.  

See my screenshots in the carousel below for a peek into my Camtasia and Audiate workflows. 

For a better view on my entire video creation process, view my Video and Voiceover project page (coming soon). 





While I do often times utilize Adobe Premiere Pro to create videos as it has a wide range of tools most other platforms do not offer, I chose to use Camtasia to create this video. Camtasia's easy-to-use platform and wide variety of editing tools allows you to create professional videos quickly, recording and editing your videos right in the platform itself.  

I also used my Rode NT-USB Mini microphone to record the voiceover portion of the video. Having good quality audio is a must in any video, and even with the great noise reduction features in Camtasia and Premiere Pro, you can't get high quality audio without first starting with a good quality microphone. 

Ashley's desk with laptop open to Camtasia and her Rode Microphone in front of it

The Finished Project

View a sample of screenshots from video and audio production in Camtasia and Audiate below.