I'm Ashley,

a reading-obsessed instructional designer who values building relationships and enjoys solving ambiguous problems. I always keep sustainability, digestibility, accessibility, and user experience in the forefront of my mind when designing learning solutions.  I practice what I teach: I'm constantly learning and growing, always working to expand my knowledge base of best practices in the field of learning design (and adding to the 60+ platforms in my tech stack). 

More about me...

Photo of Ashley L Stout smiling at the camera

🌞 Relationship-Builder:  I love finding ways to authentically connect with people.  Whether that's through a first call, a long-term project, a friendly chat via Teams or Zoom, I put relationship at the front of my priorities. I know how to turn transactional interactions and tough conversations into opportunities that allow for building and restoring relationships through the work itself. Steady, trusting, positive relationships are key for opening mindsets, keep projects on track, and make work (and life) worthwhile! 

🧠 Divergent Thinker: For the last 18 years of my professional career, I've enjoyed creating solutions for complex problems by thinking about topics from multiple perspectives, and looking at unique and succinct methods of designing instruction to meet the project outcomes/KPIs.  I like taking a step back to think about the bigger picture, then devising solutions to meet each project's needs effectively.

🎨 Creative:  "You've got our most creative daughter," my father told my first boss.  And while parents are notorious for bragging on their children, he wasn't wrong. I've always created on a daily basis.  For me, this looks like creative writing, poetry, digital art, sketching, learning a new song on my ukulele, crafting, graphic design, photography, etc.  But I don't just stop there.  I bring my creativity into every project I take on, utilizing my tech and art/graphic design knowledge, finding new ways to leverage given tools, and looking for ways to make common topics interesting and engaging; while at the same time on-target and effective. 

📂 Organized: Many creative people aren't super organized, but I've learned how to find the creativity in the development of systems and streamlining processes--and I love it!  I excel at taking large amounts of information and resources, and organizing them into usable chunks of information to create streamlined, organized systems and structures for learning and process improvements, as well as in courses, trainings, and job aids.  I thrive in all types of workspaces; if there's not already a defined structure in place, I create my own.  

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Certifications and Professional Development

Instructional Design Course Certificate
Accessibility Course Certificate


My Tech Stack

Maybe you're here for the tech... below are the skills and platforms in my current tech stack.

Graphic Design & Video Production

Web Development and Coding

Project Management 

LMS & Course Development Platforms

Core Platforms

CRM & Sales Enablement

Communication & Collaboration

Social Media & Marketing

There's More?

There are many other tools and platforms I've used in the past- these are the ones I am comfortable and/or fluent in.